Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Filipinos prefer showbiz news rather than informative news

I make money online by blogging and being a social media influencer myself, I know
the trends in the social media world. But I am still surprised and I have been wondering why are we like this?  Everytime I write stories about showbiz I can easily get traffic.

But if I write something about Business in the Philippines, etc. I get less traffic and sometimes it's just 3 -4 visits per day, then the next day would be zero. It only means that majority of FIlipinos would choose showbiz news rather than informative news.

No wonder why Philippines is not on top right now, as some filipinos would only focus so much on senseless things rather than things that will benefit their life. I’m just worried that I have been observing this for the past 4-7 years and it is still happening and there’s no improvement.

Now that we have facebook it even got worse as Filipinos prefer to share showbiz news rather than informative post.


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