Sunday, December 27, 2015

Is Cheating Good For Your Relationship?

In my own opinion "NO" but for some "YES". It's very surprising to know that this "Cheating" thing becomes a norm nowadays, will you allow this to happen to you? I think people now are not using their minds, heart and soul.

No matter who/what influence you, you should still stick to the right one. Your instinct will tell you that it is wrong, so don't ever do it. But If you do then it's your choice and it's your final decision.

If you cheated to your partner, then that is your decision and it will happen over and over again. Not just once but many times until you get used to it and cheating becomes your norm.

Some ladies say that cheating is good because men secretly want you to cheat on them and sleeping with other people expands your s*xual expertise thus it keeps things interesting and exciting for you.

For me all of those reasoning is called selfishness. You are so selfish that you only think of yourself rather than your partner. This cheating thing will destroy your family and we have seen this happen many times not only on movies but in real life.


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