Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lucky Color in 2016

According to feng shui Master Hanz Cua, the lucky color for 2016 is color BLUE.  Year 2016 is said to be more about cheerfulness, optimism and family gatherings.

Master Hanz Cua also said that Pineapple should be the No. 1 fruit on the table, he said.

“Ong means lucky and a means to come. So yo’re inviting luck to come to you,” Cua said.
“Lahat ng food lucky because blessing ang magkaroon ng food sa table. Hindi tutoo na pag may chicken isang kahig, isang tuka,” (All types of food are lucky because to have food on the table is a blessing),” the feng shui expert said.

Cua also offered other tips in welcoming the New Year:
1) De-clutter your home and workplace. Dispose unnecessary things and old stuff.
2) Make sure rice dispensers are full when new year enters.
3) Switch on lights and listen to loud and happy music as you welcome the new year.

Source: ManilaBulletin


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