Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mother captures a ghost's arm touching her son!

Posted on Facebook. Jhang Bien, was shocked and terrified when she noticed something creepy in this video footage of her and her son while playing in their room. In the video, the child was seen playing with a cupcake. While reviewing the video, the mother noticed a hand that seems to be holding her son’s arm. Some friends and relatives didn’t believe that there is something unusual in the footage and even commented that it might be her arm.

However, the mother insisted that there was no other people in the room beside the two of them. She further added that it is impossible for her to reach that long because she is in front of her son and holding the camera.

The said video was first posted in November last year and just re-posted recently. Jhang added that the nanny of the boy recently died and the said incident happened on their favorite spot to play.

Source: Facebook


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