Sunday, January 3, 2016

Watch: Irresponsible gun owners, caught firing on new years eve!

Philippines have the most exciting, eardrum breaking celebration of New Year. With deafening sound of lit firecrackers and fireworks left and right, who wouldn’t enjoy celebrating the changing of the year in this country? However, as much as high spirited and loud the celebration was, some families mourn over their loss of a love one due to stray bullets from those people who didn’t think of the welfare of others and still insist/continue to use guns in welcoming the New Year. They even posted their photos and video online! Such an arrogance!

Well these inconsiderate people should worry a lot since they are now being hunted by social media users! Their photos and video showing how they thoughtlessly fired that gun were gaining threats and cruel comments from ranting social media users.

Gun firing especially during New Year ’s Eve is prohibited by the law. In the past years, death toll of stray bullet victims have become a major worry of the government as well as residents. However, there are still those who are lawbreakers and inconsiderate to whoever their stray bullet will hit that they just bend to their heart’s will of gun firing. Just recently, a nine-year old girl just died because she was hit by a stray bullet.

Eto pa mga hinayupak! mga wala hiya kayo!! kayo din pala ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit maraming inosenteng tao lalo na ng mga batang tinatamaan ng ligaw na bala sa twing bagong taon.. paki Share na lang po..Pls. Like Tambayan ni Berto for more trending videos
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Gusto sumikat ng mga hayop na to, nagpaputok ng baril nung bagong taon hindi na nila inisip na baka may tamaan ng ligaw na bala dahil sa pagpapaputok nila.Share nyo para umabot sa media at mayari ang animal na to.
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Report 3 source: Edgardo Quinit
Mga taong di nag iisip kung makakapatay sila ng tao...Source: Edgardo QuinitVideo uploaded: 3 out of 9
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