Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Samsung foldable smartphones, anyone?

Just when you thought that you have seen enough on what Samsung can do and offer on smartphones, another innovation has been predicted by HSBC analysts that will surely change the course for future smartphones and will seal their position on the top spot - a foldable smartphone.

According to the statement issued by analysts at HSBC,

“We think Samsung will likely introduce foldable OLED smartphones as early as 2H16, versus market expectations of 2017, as the company tries harder to regain market share. In our view, foldable OLED smartphones could transform Samsung’s smartphone business, with the potential to become a ‘killer’ feature in the premium smartphone space given that (1) a foldable OLED model would provide it with a high degree of product differentiation; (2) it gives users the best of both world’s – namely, a larger screen size in a smaller form factor; and (3) it could enable the company to capture market share in both the smartphone and tablet markets with a single product. The coming roll-out of foldable OLED smartphones also bodes well for growth across the entire OLED panel supply chain: from the panel makers to equipment makers to materials suppliers.”

It is known openly that Samsung has considered using this idea and has been studying for years already. If the predictions will come true, then Samsung have reached and sealed their place on the top spot by providing users something unique and becoming the pioneer on foldable smartphones. That’s a feat that will give Apple a hard time to regain.



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