Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tagaytay Crash Premonition of 4 victims on their facebook cover photo.

This would definitely creep you out of your seat as you''ll be able to see on this article the screenshot of the tagaytay crash victim's cover photos.

They were suppose to graduate in Imus Cavite high school but unfortunately they died from a car crash. It happened in front of starbucks coffee tagaytay.

The victims were John Paul Tena, 15;  John Russel Garcia, 15; Kirby Bokingo, 16; Jaymee Gubaton, 16; Lauren Bren Calabines, 16; and Rodalyn Bautista, 17.  The driver is Calabines.

Here's the creepy part look at their cover photo.

A road, a road sign, smoke of explosion and total darkness.


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