Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Misses without the make-up: The Miss Universe Candidates in their natural beauty

They’ve given their all to get that most coveted Miss Universe crown. We’ve seen them in their gorgeous gowns and sexy swimsuits. We’ve indulged our eyes in their beautiful faces. We’re astounded by their wit and confidence on stage. We’ve been charmed by their smiles and eyes. And yet, we haven’t seen it all. Coz these Miss Universe Misses bared something that we are all interested to know about – their looks without make ups!

Since pageant candidates are often covered with make ups and accessories which further enhances their physical beauty, people are curious of what these ladies look like without their mascaras, eye shadows, blush-on, foundations, etc.

And yes, these ladies posted some of their no make-up pictures online and are not afraid nor shy to show that even beauty queens like them have imperfections too just like other normal people would have. They all have their bad hair days, or dark circles in the eyes from demanding training to become a beauty queen.

Their fresh-look faces continue to gather admiration on-line and is a proof that these girls, just like and what 2016 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach said, are confidently beautiful with a heart!

Check their photos below:

Miss Argentina

Miss Australia

Miss Bahamas

Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Ecuador

Miss Ghana

Miss Haiti

Miss Indonesia

Miss Ireland

Miss Peru

Miss South Africa

Source: viral4real


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