Friday, January 8, 2016

Vince and Kath/Cheer and Var: The Movie?

Sweetness overload! This is how the social media readers and followers describe the “Vince and Kath” love series. The story started from a simple yet courageous text message of Vince, a varsity player and heartthrob, to Kath, a college beauty. It then progressed to the unrelenting and never ending surprises of Vince which blossomed into a beautiful boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

The “Cheer & Var” series, according to its author, Jenny Ruth Almocera, is based on her friends and own experience during her college years. Followers of the Facebook page Life and Social Media continue to increase as the Vince and Kath’s love story progressed to its 12th instalment. The 21 year old author who goes by the name Queen Ely promises a more “kilig” and “sweetness overload” factor to her readers and followers as the story near its end.

 Jenny Ruth Almocera

Almocera added that due to the popularity being received by the viral love story, she has been receiving offers for a movie adaptation. With that in the scene, Almocera is now looking for people who will best portray the roles of Vince and Jake. And who else better play the role of Kath? None other than the author herself.

But who knows, many are hoping that the phenomenal ALDub, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, will portray the roles of Vince and Kath.

Photo by Gigie Cruz, ABS-CBN News


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