Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Watch: Something unexpected brought confidence to homeless folks!

An act of kindness can change the world. This saying was taken by heart by men and women of a salon in Massachusetts, Boston.

During their day offs, these kind hearted people offer their services to homeless folks by giving them free haircuts. The stylists and owner want to bring their confidence back by making them feel better and proud of their new look. Although just a simple act of kindness, it made a huge difference in the lives of these people. Everyone can tell that this act truly comes from the heart of because it is visible in the styles and cuts that they’ve been giving to their “special” customers.

Good words and encouragement flooded the comments section of the Facebook account where the video was uploaded.

This salon in Boston offers free haircuts for homeless people, making their day just a little better. (via NowThis)
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