Monday, January 4, 2016

Watch: Starbucks' cashier stole and used customer's credit card info!

Got billed from purchases you did not make using your credit card? Well, this is what happened to a certain Juana Martinez whose credit card information was stolen and used by a Starbucks employee in purchasing at Ralph’s worth $212.

The incident happened when Martinez went to a California Starbucks drive thru to purchase some drinks. The staff welcomingly get her order and credit card for billing. However, the Starbucks crew named “Chanel”, took a long while to return her credit card. Moreover, Martinez saw “Chanel” took her credit at a back room. Such act led Martinez into suspicion. The next day, she discovered that she was billed $212 from a grocery store.

Upon analyzing things, Martinez concluded that the suspicious transaction must have been done by the Starbucks cashier. She returned there and confronted “Chanel”, which she initially denied.

Armed with evidences such as the video recording of the incident, Chanel shockingly admitted and confessed.

“You come to Starbucks to get coffee, not to get robbed!”
“So we got you on camera yesterday at Ralph’s for $212”.
“They recorded you’re a** and everything, you took a copy of my f--king card on New Year’s Day, you know what you did!”

“I’m sorry that I took money from you and your kids, I’m sorry that you had to come up here, I’m sorry that this is inconvenient for you.”

Chanel pleaded Martinez not to file a case against her and even promised to return the money. Due to the incident, Chanel lost her job and the video of the confrontation went viral on social media.
Thinking that such was enough punishment for the cashier, Martinez decided to drop the charges saying: 

"I think this is a worse punishment, honestly, I think it's more than enough that she's all over the Internet. People will know who she is." “Everyone deserves a second chance, hopefully she learns from this." "That's the moral of the story. You can't go stealing people's credit card information without consequences."

Starbucks Employee ADMITS To Stealing CREDIT CARD INFO On Customers . . . Making CLONE COPIES Of Their Cards . . . While They ORDER VANILLA LATTE'S!!! (She SNITCHED On Herself)
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