Thursday, January 21, 2016

Woman attacked, robbed and molested!

Be aware and alert, whenever and wherever you are. No one knows when a traumatic experience may happen to you especially when you’re alone.

Just like what happened to this poor woman who was attacked, robbed and molested at the same time.

In the said video a man suddenly appeared and grabbed the woman, punched her all over her body countless times. Even though on the floor, the beating continued with occasional  kicks in the woman’s face. The attacker then took her bag. But the attacker didn’t stop there, he repeatedly touched the woman’s private parts before running for an escape.

Sa mga kababaihan, mag-ingat po kayo lalo na kung kayo lang mag-isa at wala kayong kasama dahil sa panahon ngayon nakakatakot na kahit saang establishamento
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