Friday, September 9, 2016

Alamin kung ano ang surpresa sa ating mga Consumer ng Meralco!

We overheard that electricity cost will go down this September.

The charge of meralco will go down Roughly  by . 04 centavos per kWh. For those consuming 200kwh Php 9.02 will be the savings.

These are the estimated savings per bracket  For those consuming  300 kWh Php  13.53. will be the savings. 400 kWh Php 18.04, 500 kWh. Php 22.55. This would be a good news to the consumers of Meralco.

A lot of Filipino people will be able to enjoy these savings because most Filipinos use meralco as their energy provider.

The reason for the savings is due to the low cost of the transmission charge.
you can watch the video on this link


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