Friday, January 27, 2017

MUST WATCH: Maharlika burns G Toengi !

We overheard that there was a comment that the acress G Toengi made for Ms Mocha Uson.

There was an incident where G Toengi had an opportunity to ask questions to Secretary Andanar. The former popular actress questioned the appointment of Ms. Mocha Uson as one of the MTRCB chair.

On the other hand,  Here is what the video blogger Maharlika said to Ms. G Toengi:

Maharlika told the former actress that if the people gave chance to some unqualified politicians to became congressman, why we can’t give a chance to Mocha Uson who wanted to change for good and serve the people.
“Kung meron tayong mga bugok na Congressman na ang iba diyan ay walang qualifications, bakit di natin pagbigyan ang isang Mocha Uson na maglingkod sa ating bayan, di po ba?” Maharlika told Toengi.
You may watch the video on this link .



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