Tuesday, January 17, 2017

WATCH: Did You Know Vicks VapoRub Helps Get Rid Of Belly Fat And Gives Firm and Smooth Skin? Check This Out!

We overheard that Vicks Vaporub helps get rid of belly fat and gives firm and smooth skin.

Vicks vaporrub has a lot of uses. It treats some health issues such as cold, cough and headache. Also congested nose.

It is also a fat burning ointment.

It has the ability to stumulate fat burning process in important areas.

There is a process this is done by mixing vicks vaporub with baking soda, camphor an tiny drops of alcohol.

This is to make the fat burning cream.

However vaporub may cause rashes.

This is if used alone due to its levomenthol.

You may watch the video on this link .


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